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The Purpose of this page is to warn people about companies and organizations that I or my loved ones have had bad experiences with.

Full Sail University / Sallie Mae / Navient

In 2006, my son-in-law decided to get a degree and improve his career opportunities.

He found Full Sail and since I had seen their ads in computer magazines that I subscribed to, I encouraged him to apply.

Full Sail was real good about providing financial aid. They worked through Sallie Mae and got loans for tuition and living expenses.

Full Sail encouraged students to get loans for living expenses and not to work part-time so they could focus on completing their degrees.

Full Sail told students not to worry about the amount of loans they were taking out, because they would help them get good paying jobs and they would be able to pay off all their loans in about a year or so after graduating.

Full Sail asked me to co-sign a loan every term, so that he would get a better interest rate. I thought the loans that I was cosigning were the only loans, therefore the risk of my son-in-law not being able to pay them would be very low.

My daughter saw how her husband was thriving in his studies and decided to go to Full Sail a term later. I also co-signed loans for my daughter, thinking that they were the only loans she had.

I knew my son-in-law had one loan from the term before I started co-signing loans for them.

What I did not find out until January 2021 was that Full Sail University and Sallie Mae (now Navient) made it a practice of loading up students with the maximum amount of Federal Student Loans and then piling Private Loans on top of the Federal loans without notifying co-signers of the existence of loans that would practically ensure that co-signers would be making all the payments on the loans they co-signed rather than just "being responsible for the loan if the borrower were unable to pay."

Also when a student went back to school to study something else because the promised jobs they trained for at Full Sail University did not exist (partially due to the school over-promising and partially due to the Great Recession), Sallie Mae/Navient put a limit of 48 months deferment of payments, when the loan contracts did not specify any such limitation.

I am surprised that Full Sail University was not mentioned here: Navient AG Multi-State Settlement

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Glenn Tuley

Written 12 Jan 2021, updated 19 Jan 2022.